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Bu Mana Ling
January 22
I love using this app. Best of mobile recharge app.
I love using this app. Very much helpful when I indeed need to recharge my friends and families phones.
William Tolway
January 21
Very easy to use
Very easy to use, no hassles
Stephen N
January 21
Works great and fast
Algirdas Preiksa
January 21
5 Starts service
5 Starts service. Never had any issue.
Martin Amann
January 20
Fast and easy tool for recharging…
Fast and easy tool for recharging mobile phones
January 20
Easy, And Fast
January 20
Very convenient and cost effective
Very convenient and cost effective! I highly recommend it.!
Hazel Rollins
January 19
I am extremely pleased with this…
I am extremely pleased with this service.
Paul Fox
January 19
Very easy to use
Very easy to use, as I use multiple SIM cards while traveling from country to country over differing time frames the ability to use one app / website to recharge all score departing is great. Just change sim on the flight and switch phone on when landing and have connection works fantastic
January 16
No fuss
A simple, easy way to top up a mobile phone.
Norma Johnson
January 16
Quick and easy
dragutin radosavljevic
January 15
Excellent services 5 star's
Excellent services 5 star's
Frederic Tetart
January 15
excellent so far .
excellent so far .. quick and efficient
Phillip Johnson
January 15
Good experience can't complain
Good experience can't complain
Lovemore Seveni
January 14
Can't buy airtime for MASCOM network Botswana
I wanted to buy airtime for someone in Botswana who use the Mascom network. However, the platform only allows Orange subscribers. I ended up having to buy for someone who had Orange in the same location as the person I had initially intended to buy for. Any reason why Mascom is not part of the program? Otherwise excellent service! Thanks!
juan diaz
January 13
Never had a single problem allways a…
Never had a single problem allways a pleasure
Gisselle Mercado
January 12
A mi me encanta
A mi me encanta , desde cualquier lugar que esté puedo recargar a mi familia sin necesidad de hacer filas ni ir a ningún establecimiento, totalmente genial. Me ancanta.
Anil Bhattarai
January 12
excellent ,its easy and fast ..
January 12
Simple and fast way to recharge phone
It’s fast, simple and easy to use mobile recharge!
Lars Nilsson
January 12
Works smoothly..easy to do and very fast..just love it... Use it to charge for my wife and daughter in Thailand.. Thank you for providing good service